How it Works

A few simple steps and your business will no longer have messy books. We can also schedule a simple 30-minute onboarding call to help you sync your accounts to Quickbooks Online. We understand that business owners are busy, and we have mastered a simple setup process to get you setup within 24 hours. Below are the details and you can ask us more questions anytime here.

Step 01 Invite us to your existing QuickBooks online file. Or if your new business owner we will set up the file for you and invite you as a master admin.
Step 02 Sync your bank and or credit card accounts within Quickbooks Online. This way we download transactions, and you don’t have to bother with this task.

If This is not an option for you, just upload the necessary bank statements to our secured client portal. You’ll get an email invitation during the onboarding process.
Step 03 Once we update all accounts, we will send a short list of “need info“ items for any transactions that we have questions about. This list will be sent via Google sheets or excel so that we can see you’re edits anytime.
Step 04 Sit back and wait for your monthly financials. We also separate ourselves from the competition by providing you with key insights. Be sure to look for our comments on certain trends that we see with your financials.